Triple A Jumps & Jumps R Us

About Us

Jumps R Us can be found at professional horse farms and C.E.F. recognized horse shows across North America.

After more than 20 years of experience and research in the jump business, Ann Meyer, and Jumps R Us have developed what we believe to be the most durable yet portable jumps available while offering a wide variety of esthetic design possibilities.

Shipping is always easy with our removable standard feet. You can also choose your selections right out of the ring at any of the many Ontario shows renting quality Jumps R Us products. As Jumps R Us are used at shows across Ontario, used jumps are always in stock. Many having as little as 1-3 days use, these "previously jumped" show jumps are available at significant savings. Browse through the new & used prices in the catalogue section, or come and visit our outdoor showroom here in Cayuga.

For your convenience, a variety of carefully designed and coordinated courses have been developed ranging from a simple four jump Starter Course to our nine jump Deluxe Jumper Course. Feel free to mix and match your own course and receive a quote by phone, fax, or email.

Jumps R Us continually strives to set new standards in the show jumping industry. We are confidant we can make your equestrian experience all you wish it to be.