Triple A Jumps & Jumps R Us

Jump Cups, Cavalletti & Liverpool

Reversible 2-Hole Composite jump cups with pins
Price: $10.00* each ($20/pair)
Extra Pins $1.00 each*

Keyhole Jump Cups

Keyhole Jump Cups
Deep 35 mm and Shallow 20 mm
Price: $10.00 each ($20/pair)*

Keyhole Track

5' Galvinized Steel $30.00* each
30" Composite black track $10.00* each


The Cavalletti comes fully assembled. Each cavalletti is adjustable to 3 different heights and is a wonderful schooling aid for all levels. Pole length optional.

Weight 45 lbs., 20.4 kg.
Unpainted $100.00*
Painted (white) $125.00*


Blue vinyl, easily portable and a great training aid.
1m x 3m

Price: $250.00* each

*Please note prices subject to change without notice