Triple A Jumps & Jumps R Us

Dog Jumps / Miniature Jumps

At 3 1/2 feet tall, our smaller jumps are ideal for dogs, miniature horses, (and athletic children). Constructed from quality wood and screws, these standards are both sturdy and lightweight.

Detachable Foot

This unique foot design allows you to easily remove the foot portion of the standard, allowing easy condensed storage and transport.

Plastic Jump Cup & Pin on Multi-coloured Fan Wing

While any standard bolt-style jump cup will work with these standards, we recommend plastic cups and pins, which offer the safety benefits of breakability, and no hard steel edges.

Colour - Black (blue and green available by special order)
Cups: New $10.00 each ($ 20.00/pr) Used $8.00 each

Multi-coloured Fan Wings $180.00/pair*

Heart Jump

$180.00/pair *

Blam Jump

$180.00/pair *

Butterfly Jump

$180.00/pair *

Barn Jump

$180.00/pair *

*Please note prices subject to change without notice