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Our gates are designed to be strong and durable yet portable and resilient. The traditional picket style has been strengthened by laminating the pickets right into the gate. With the use of lattice, painted panels and any number of geometric shapes, the design possibilities are endless.


Each gate is 12' in length and all pickets are screwed in place to facilitate easy repair. Three sizes are available - 12", 18" and 24" heights. Virtually endless colour options are available.

PG-12"41 lbs., 18.6 kg.$80.00$100.00*
PG-18"47 lbs., 20.9 kg.$100.00$120.0*
PG-24"51 lbs., 23.1 kg.$120.00$150.00*

Lattice Gate(XG-18)

Lattice panels are screwed on the face of this attractive gate for easy replacement, if needed.

Colour - white or brown lattice, any colour frame and pickets.
Weight - 44 lbs., 20 kg.
Height - 18" or 24"

Unpainted $150.00*
Painted $200.00*

*Please note prices subject to change without notice