Triple A Jumps & Jumps R Us

Poles and Planks

12' ROUND POLE (RP-12)

Our poles are available in 3 " diameter; and are turned from lodgepine, an ideal material combining economy and resilience with light weight. They are dried in racks to provide the straightest pole possible.

Hunter poles - White, Green, Grey or Brown
Jumper poles - An endless variety of options in striped poles are available.
Other colours available on request.

Weight: 22 lbs., 10 kg.

UnpaintedOne ColourTwo ColoursUsed Poles
$45.00*$55.00*$60.00*$50.00* (striped or solid)

12' PLANK (HP, JP)

Each plank is 12' x 91/4" and comes in two styles
Hunter plank is notches with reinforcing plywood gusset (top).
Jumper planks have a galvanized steel support bracket added to the plank (bottom).

Weight: 22 lbs., 10 kg.

TypeUnpaintedOne ColourTwo Colours
Hunter Plank (HP-12)$70.00*$90.00*$120.00*
Jumper Plank (JP-12)$120.00*$130.00*$150.00*


Brightly coloured, easy to move and store these Soft Poles are a great ground work training aid for all disciplines!
300 cm long almost 10. Come in a variety of colours

Price: $55.00 each*

*Please note prices subject to change without notice